Katerina Kaloudi


I studied Mathematics but later derived a profound joy from the art of photography. By photographing, I discovered a way to access parts of myself which I could not and cannot otherwise express.

For many years, I was fascinated by the concept of the “decisive moment”. Felt all the magic of  “to photograph” was hidden in the undetectable flash of a second in which the image was captured. It could not be explained by logic: it was like a revelation. A fraction of a second where the soul, the mind and the eye would come into balance in a straight line.

During that period I travelled extensively in Greece and abroad interested in all sorts of everyday social events during which I created several series of social documentary images.

Later on, I swap the concept of photographing as strictly documentary for that of photography reflecting a mental state. Not just seeking a captured image but the recreation of an inner state, of an inner feeling that which is taking place between the self and the world around at the specific moment. The photographs are transformed into a new event to be discovered by the viewer. The photographed object becomes a metaphor. I am seeing the photographic process almost in mystical terms. Therefore I now find my subjects often in nature and in other solitary places.